Trinitri was established in 2006 to develop a new technology platform for Gallium Nitride based devices manufacturing (RF Patent, pending).

The idea of the new approach is the use of a bulk GaN crystal with a low dislocation density and an epi-ready surface for device structure epitaxy. After the growth process, the thin film containing the device structure is separated from bulk GaN by laser slicing (Патент РФ №2469433,Патент РФ № 2459691).Then, after epi-ready polishing of the bulk crystal, the cycle is repeated. Thin films with the device structure are transferred to a carrier substrate for post-processing and cutting into chips. After 10-15 cycles of growth and polishing, the bulk crystal is grown to restore the original thickness and is used for further growth cycles of device structures. Thus, we obtain a substrate-free method of creating device structures, which is especially important for expensive bulk substrates of gallium nitride and silicon carbide.

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