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Bulk GaN HVPE reactors

HVPE Reactor for Bulk GaN Crystal Growth

3N1x2  Reactor is a vertical single wafer HVPE reactor for mass production of GaN crystals with thickness up to 5 mm and diameter of 52 mm (2 inch). A 3 inch (76mm) version is available on demand.The original design of the reactor is protected by the US patent US 7011711  14/03/2006 .

  • All metal/ceramics design, no fragile quartzware
  • Convenient precursor handling: no boats with molten metals inside the reactor  (proprietary external boat design) 
  • Load lock chamber for continuous operation

Materials: GaN (AlN, BN - option)
Type: vertical, hot-wall
Capacity: one substrate, 52 mm diameter (76 mm diameter - option)
Process temperature: 500C - 1200C (500C-1500C - option)
Substrate rotation: 1 - 100 rpm
Process pressure: 1-800 Torr
Automated control with custom SCADA

Bulk GaN  crystals with diameter 52 mm and thickness of 5 mm, grown in 3N1x2 Reactor:

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6 Wafer GaN  HVPE Reactor

3N6x2H Reactor, a multi-wafer reactor for simultaneous growth of GaN layers with thickness up to 300um on 2" substrates. 

Custom  HVPE Reactor Design

Trinitri has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and operation of Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) reactor and offers design and assembly services for the growth of GaN and AlN layers from 1 μm to 10 mm in thickness.